Environment Bill (Amendments)

This landmark piece of legislation will ensure the UK can deliver the most ambitious environmental programme of any country; transforming how we protect our natural environment, make better use of our resources and clean up our air and water. I am pleased that the Bill has been developed over its time in Parliament with new measures and amendments put forward by the Government to help strengthen it further and to make sure we continue to build back greener and remain a global leader in tackling environmental issues ahead of COP26.

Most recently, the Bill was amended to include measures that will allow ministers to introduce charges on all single-use items, not just plastics – helping to cut waste and put an end to throwaway culture.  In addition, further new measures will help landowners to secure long-term environmental benefits through conservation covenants, as well as better protect ancient woodland in England.

The Government has also amended the Bill to include a new, historic, legally binding target on species abundance for 2030 to halt the decline of nature, and to address the unacceptable amount of sewage discharged by water companies into our rivers.

I am glad that the Environment Bill is now in its final stages and I am confident that it will soon complete its passage into law. It is encouraging that in this year of COP26, this Bill is at the core of delivering the Government’s manifesto commitment to deliver the most ambitious environmental programme of any country on earth and leave our environment in a better state than we found it.