Improving Mobile Services

Thank you for contacting me about the auctioning of spectrum.

Ofcom is responsible for the health of the UK mobile market, in line with its statutory duties. These duties include the promotion of competition and efficient use of spectrum.

Availability of Orkambi

Thank you for contacting me about the availability of Orkambi. I know many families affected by cystic fibrosis have placed a great deal of hope in this drug and believe particular care should be taken to assess its effectiveness.

Survivors of Torture

Thank you for contacting me about asylum for torture survivors.
You are right that granting protection to those who genuinely need it and refusing those who do not, in as efficient, sensitive and effective a way as possible, is crucial.

UK's Bilateral Investment Treaties

Thank you for contacting me about bilateral investment treaties and EDM 642.

I am pleased that as we leave the EU, Britain will be the most active and passionate advocate of free trade anywhere in the world.

Autumn Statement - Beer Duty & Business Rates

Thank you for contacting me about beer duty and business rates.

I recognise the important contribution that pubs make to their local communities, and I welcome the Government's efforts to support this through the taxation system.

Audio-visual Announcements on Buses

Thank you for contacting me about the audio-visual announcements on buses. I fully agree that all disabled people should have the same access to transport services and opportunities to travel as other members of society.