All food packaging should be recyclable by 2025

On Thursday 26th October, Pauline Latham OBE MP asked the Environment Minister, Dr Thérèse Coffey MP, if the Government were planning to set a date for all food packaging to be recyclable.  

The Minister responded by stating that the Government have recently published a clean growth strategy which outlines their ambition for zero affordable waste by 2050.  The strategy sets out policies and regulations to promote ‘clean growth’, this includes packaging and waste regulations designed to increase recycling and reduce the amount of packaging that ends up in the natural environment.  In addition, next year the Government will be publishing a new resources and waste strategy, where they will go into further detail on this issue.

The Minister also noted that almost all packaging is technically recyclable, although some local authorities and waste management companies choose not to collect it for various reasons.

Pauline said, “It is very important that we promote the use of recyclable food packaging. Whilst, I am encouraged by the Minister’s response, I believe that the Government needs to address this issue more urgently and achieve their aspiration for all food packaging to be recyclable much sooner. I would like to see this achieved by 2025.”