Helping during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Community WhatsApp Group Template

Many people have asked me how they can best be helpful to others during this pandemic, COVID-19.  I have been sent this idea by a constituent but I believe it has been used by many up and down the community, so if you are able perhaps it is an idea which many constituents in Mid Derbyshire may like to copy:


Community WhatsApp Group

I wondered in this difficult time facing us (in the coming weeks/months) whether it might be good idea to set up a WhatsApp group for those of us living on _____________________. That way, we can keep in touch and be aware of anyone who needs help or who can offer help.

If you don’t have WhatsApp, then share your mobile number with me so we can contact you by text if necessary or vice versa. To that effect, I have put this note though every door on the street.

If you wish to join the group, please text my mobile No. ________________ including in your message
Your first name.
Your house number.

I will then sort out a WhatsApp group. Can I please ask that we only use this group to keep in contact, to ask for or offer help.

The message should not be used for making political statements about the current situation. If you wish to share information on COVID 19 Coronavirus please only post from WHO (World Health Organisation) or the UK Government.

Unless an emergency maybe we should only message between 8am and 9pm?
My name is ___________ and I live at _________
Mobile No. _________________________