Local Brewery visit Commons Bar

Pauline Latham OBE MP was delighted to welcome Pedro and Elliot from the Shiny Brewing Company Ltd to Parliament last week.  Their Beer ‘Happy People’ was the guest Ale in the House of Commons, Strangers Bar. The beer was very popular in the Strangers Bar with all those who tried it.  Five casks sold out in 2 days!  

Pedro and Elliot also met the Chairman of the All Parliamentary Beer Group, Nigel Evans MP, in the Strangers Bar.  He remarked that ‘Happy People’ was one of the nicest beers that he has tried. 

The Shiny Brewing Company is based at Old Hall Mill Business Park, Little Eaton, within Pauline’s Mid-Derbyshire Constituency.  Since beginning the Shiny Brewing Company at Derbyshire Pub, the Furnace Inn, 5 years ago, the company has gone from strength to strength. It is not only an award winning brewery but a wholesaler.  It provides employment to people within Mid-Derbyshire and is a source of enjoyment to many of Pauline’s constituents. 

Pauline said, “It was great to welcome Pedro and Elliot to Parliament and it is fantastic to see the Shiny Brewing Company’s Beer in the Strangers Bar, in the House of Commons.  I enjoyed sampling ‘Happy People’ Beer – it was full of flavour! Shiny Brewers is a great local company which provides employment to local people.  I know that many people enjoy the beer they produce.”