Pauline Latham MP asks schools & Council to join the fight against plastic!

Pauline Latham supports the new Plastic Bill which is to be presented by Geraint Davies MP.  The aim of the bill is to ensure that all plastic is recyclable by 2025.  The Bill also endevours to make producers pay for the cost of recycling. 

Pauline will support the campaign to encourage schools and the Council to get tough on plastic in support for a proposed law to reduce plastic. Currently 90% of the cost of plastic recycling is paid by our local council taxpayers.  This bill seeks to encourage the producer to pay instead. This will encourage producers to innovate and reduce plastic pollution.

Pauline said, “It is crucial that we get serious about cutting out plastic in our communities and reduce its production and use. By putting the Plastics Bill into law we will ensure that it is plastic producers instead of local council tax payers pay for the cost of recycling plastic.  I would like to see my local area lead by example by reducing our own plastic consumption in schools, at work and in the council.  I believe that the UK needs to take a world leading position on this issue for the sake of future generations.  We must keep up momentum having awoken the world to the plastics crisis with David Attenborough’s Blue Planet. I intend to continue speaking up in Parliament on this issue.”