Supreme Court's Judgment

Thank you for contacting me about the Supreme Court's judgment on the lawfulness of the decision to prorogue Parliament.

The Prime Minister has been crystal clear that he respects the Supreme Court's judgment, the judicial process and the Rule of Law. It is however the case that the Government respectfully disagrees with the Court's decision. As the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice has said, the UK's world-class judiciary acts free from political influence and all personal attacks on judges are totally unacceptable.

The outcome of the case has no effect on whether or not the UK leaves the EU. This has already been decided by the electorate in the referendum. The Prime Minister has repeatedly said that Brexit will happen on 31 October and I fully support this position. The date of the UK's exit is set in EU law and only the Government has the power to change it with the unanimous agreement of all EU member states.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.