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How my office is funded whilst we work remotely

You may have seen the recent press articles in relation to the £10k increase to MPs office cost budgets and I would like to take this opportunity of providing some context to this.


Helping during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Community WhatsApp Group Template

Many people have asked me how they can best be helpful to others during this pandemic, COVID-19.  I have been sent this idea by a constituent but I believe it has been used by many up and down the community, so if you are able perhaps it is an idea which many constituents in Mid Derbyshire may li

Spondon Bakery - Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update from Spondon Bakery:

Our shop in Spondon village will remain open even if others close eg. If shopping centres close.

Pauline Latham OBE MP Hosts a 'Meet Your MP' Session in Oakwood

I host regular ‘Meet your MP’ events in my constituency where I have an opportunity to talk face to face with constituents,  I speak briefly about my role as a local MP and about the issues of the day, both local and national.  I also participate in a question and answer session.  My most recent

Pauline Latham OBE MP visits local Businesses

Great to be out visiting the vibrant businesses in Belper - the best High Street in England and Little Eaton. 

I loved the range of organic cotton children's clothes in Cheeky Bambini, the new suits room at Strutts Menswear and the handmade chef's knives at Blok Knives.