I am pleased that the UK is fully committed to the global eradication of polio. The Secretary of State for International Development makes the most of opportunities to raise awareness of polio eradication efforts and, wherever appropriate, discusses polio with her international counterparts.

Pheasants and Partridges for the shooting industry

Thank you for contacting me about the welfare of pheasants bred for shooting. 
I appreciate your concerns on this issue.  Both I and the Government are committed to the highest standards of animal welfare.

Corporate Tax Avoidance

The Government remains committed to a competitive tax system with lower taxes for businesses and individuals. But the tax system also needs to be fair. The Government will therefore continue to address imbalances in the system where some businesses benefit disproportionately from certain rules and will also continue to tackle avoidance, evasion, non-compliance and tax planning.

Voting Age

Thank you for contacting me about the voting age. 

Armed Forces Pensions

Thank you for contacting me about Armed Forces pensions.  I think it is important that we continue to support and value the extraordinary service offered by our Armed Forces.