Mid Derbyshire Crime Survey 2023

As your local Member of Parliament for Mid-Derbyshire I am committed to engaging with my constituents and hearing your views on local crime. It is essential that people feel safe within their homes and local environment.  Keeping people safe is a priority and through the King’s Speech the UK Government will ensure that police forces, mayors, and local authorities have the correct tools they need to protect the public, giving communities the confidence that local crimes will be visibly reprimanded.

If you have ever experienced a crime or anti-social behaviour, as a direct victim, a witness or word of mouth, all these factors will impact how safe you will feel within your local community.  I have generated an interactive survey to identify, what type of crimes happen within your area and how safe you feel, as a local resident.

I aim to report all results to the local policing teams responsible for your area, to enable them to understand, act and introduce long term solutions.  Therefore, I encourage you to complete the survey below and have your say on how your local policing teams can better serve the local community.  



Mid-Derbyshire Crime Survey 2023

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1. Your area
2. Have you been directly affected by crime or anti-social behaviour, as either a victim or witness?
If yes, please indicate below:
5. Local policing teams are groups of officers dedicated to serving their assigned local community. Are you satisfied with the police presence in your area?
7. Please indicate below what preventative actions could be put in place to reduce the risk of crime.