Proroguing Parliament

Thank you for contacting me about the end of the Parliamentary session. 

The current session of Parliament has lasted longer than any in the last 400 years. It is time to start afresh with a new Parliamentary session. The Prime Minister has announced plans to bring forward a new bold and ambitious legislative agenda: helping the NHS, fighting violent crime, investing in infrastructure and science, and cutting the cost of living. The British people have been asking for these changes now for too long. A Queen's Speech is an opportunity to outline this plan of action.

The Prime Minister is going to respect the referendum result and ensure that the UK comes out of the EU on October 31, whatever the circumstances. We need strong leadership at this moment in time. The public have had enough of waiting.  

Though I respect you do not agree with me on this point, I really do believe that honouring the referendum result will go a long way to restoring trust in our democracy. 

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.