Mid-Derbyshire MP supports event for small and local charities

Pauline Latham OBE MP was delighted to support a recent event hosted in the Houses of Parliament by the Lloyds Bank Foundation to celebrate the importance of the work by small and local charities. 

More than 100 representatives of small and local charities across England and Wales were recognised at the annual Westminster Reception.

The Lloyds Bank Foundation fund and support a number of charities which deliver essential services and enhance our communities.  Such charities rely on the hard work and dedication of individuals. 

Pauline said, “I know that small and local charities work tirelessly to provide essential support and services to their communities. These charities cannot thrive without the enthusiasm and commitment of individuals.

I believe that is very important that we acknowledge their hard work and contributions.

It is great to see the Lloyds Bank Foundation supporting such charities both financially and with moral support and encouragement.

I am very proud of the wide range of charities which successfully operate in Mid-Derbyshire.” 

More information about the grants which the Lloyds Bank Foundation offer can be found at: https://www.lloydsbankfoundation.org.uk/