Politics is just for white old men, right?

Please watch Didda's video on gender equality.  

Didda is 18 years old and from Iceland.  She has produced this video in relation to the Girls2Leader programme, encouraging more women and girls to get involved in politics. 





Diabetic Awareness Day

Pauline Latham OBE MP hosted a Diabetic Awareness Day on Friday 24th November at The Church on Oakwood.

Visit to Bullsmoor in Belper

I recently visited Bullsmoor in Belper with local councillors. trying to prevent building on the Derwent Mills World Heritage Site.  It is so important that we preserve our green belt and historic sites. 

Mid-Derbyshire MP encourages recycling measures

How many times in a day do you come into contact with plastic? My guess is that you don’t even do it consciously but it would likely start first thing in the morning when shampoo, shower gel and even toothpaste are squeezed from plastic containers.